Moving the Giants

Seedlings Arrive

Archangel Trees arrive in Seattle in November & December 2018

Boxes of Archangel sequoias and redwoods arrive at the Seattle Parks greenhouse.

Potted sequoia seedlings, about 6 inches in height.

Sequoia seedlings all unpacked.

Some sequoia seedlings came as plugs, 38 to a tray.

Here’s the size of a single sequoia seedling plug. It will need to be repotted so the roots don’t girdle the tree and choke its growth.
Sequoia seedlings repotted into 1-gallon pots, with two trays of plugs in the foreground.

1700 sequoia seedlings, dormant through the winter, will be ready for new growth in the spring.

And last, but not least, are 300 coast redwood saplings residing in the greenhouse, as they are more sensitive to freezing temperatures than their giant sequoia relatives.

If you want to see what these giant sequoias will look like when they have grown, there is a good specimen just south of the University of Washington football stadium.
These three giant sequoias can be seen when entering the on-ramp to I-5 from Lake City Way. Beautiful giant sequoias have been planted all around Seattle for many years. Their conical shape is so iconic, they are easily recognizable from a long distance away.