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7-26-18 Update

Thank You

Thank you to all 360 of you who responded to the newspaper articles in Seattle Times, The Daily World, The Olympian and KOMO radio show about the 100-tree archive of redwoods looking for a home in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been heartening to know that so many people care about trees and are excited by the prospect of redwoods and sequoias coming to the Pacific Northwest.

When are the trees coming to the Pacific Northwest?

The trees are expected to ship this Fall, probably in October.  We have been pleased to learn that Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has been able to delay the shipment its collection of Coast Redwood saplings and Giant Sequoia seedlings from their nursery in Michigan to the Pacific Northwest until the weather here is cooler and wetter.  We will tell you the specific date when that becomes known.

What is the plan for the 100-tree living archive of 4-16 ft redwoods?

We will be dividing the 100-tree archive into two living archives of 50 trees each and seeking a location for each.  We are grateful to the 80 respondents who expressed an interest in having the living archive located on their land.  If you are one of the 80 respondents, you will be receiving a letter this week inviting you to tell us more about your situation and confirming your interest in hosting a 50-tree living archive on your site.  It is estimated that a 50-tree living archive will require the space of at least 5 acres.

Is my property suitable for planting a Coast redwood or Giant sequoia?

Two documents are posted on the Documents page of the Moving the Giants website to help you decide if you have a good place to plant and care for a Coast redwood or Giant sequoia. Start with the CHECKLIST to see the basic criteria for planting.  Next, review the GUIDELINES document to get a more detailed understanding of what is required for siting and caring for a redwood sapling or sequoia seedling.

How many of the smaller sequoias and redwoods will be available?

Approximately 5,000 sequoia seedlings (4-6”) and 500 redwood saplings (12-24”) will be available this Fall for those of you interested in one or more of the smaller giant sequoias or coast redwoods for planting.  At that time, we’ll be able to tell you how you can obtain them.

How can I help?

Please consider making a donation to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. They have been “paying it forward” for many years, propagating and archiving the genetics of the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone.  They have been doing this solely with income from donations.  They’ve now reached a point where they can no longer afford to continue their Michigan operations, which is why the trees are being moved to the Pacific Northwest.  However, they need our help to continue to care for the trees over the summer and for shipping costs to move the trees to the Pacific Northwest.

A crowd-funding site has been established where you can make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive using the following link:

Donate to Archangel

Please identify yourself when filling out the online donor form so that we can acknowledge your donation to Archangel.  Of course, the option is to make an anonymous donation.  In either case, you will receive email confirmation from Archangel of your tax-deductible donation.  Thank you!

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  1. Angel Serna

    Hi I’m from Southern California and live on ten acres and I just love trees , I have planted quite a few pines on the perimeter of my property . I also planted one redwood and she’s doing great . I don’t know to much about trees but im learning and what you folks are doing is just awesome THANK You

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