Moving the Giants



Ancient Coast Redwood

Dear Friends,

Many of you who read the Seattle Times article about the 100 redwood trees have asked if they are still available.  This website was developed so that you can get updates on a timely basis as to what is happening with the 100-tree living archive, as well as the smaller sequoia seedlings (6″) and redwood saplings (12-24″) that will be shipped to Seattle: when are they coming, and what is the process for being able to obtain one or more.

For the latest news about the trees and this project, you can go to the Updates page on this website.  Lots of information is already posted there.  As soon as new information becomes available, it will be posted there for you to see.

For photos of the trees that Archangel will be shipping to the Pacific Northwest, go to the Tree Photos page.

For those who are wondering if your property is suitable for planting a Coast redwood or Giant sequoia, go to the Documents page to read the CHECKLIST and GUIDELINES information.

And last but not least, if you have it in your heart to make a donation to Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to help pay for shipping of the trees to the Pacific Northwest and to help them continue to care for the trees through the summer so they can ship in the Fall when the trees will have a better chance of surviving, then go to the Donate to Archangel page to make a donation.  Thank you.

Philip Stielstra